PANA – La mascota oficial de los Juegos Panamericanos Jr. de Cali 2021

TORONTO. - Un amistoso Coati llamado “Pana” será la cara de los primeros Juegos Panamericanos Junior de la historia.

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Black History Month: Althea Gibson

In celebration of Black History Month, we are continuing our acknowledgment of pioneers in their sport. Last week we highlighted some of the African-American Jockeys that dominated the Kentucky Derby. Women's tennis was similar to most other sports in the 1940s, and the United States Lawn Tennis Association (USLTA) did not allow African-American's to participate. Instead, the American Tennis Association (ATA) is where Althea Gibson received her start in tennis.

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Black History Month: Kentucky Derby

February is African-American Awareness Month. In celebration, I would like to recognize some of the athletes that made a difference in their sport.

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