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Boys In Gold Land A Tie, Messi scores first Concacaf Goal.

09 de Marzo de 2024 a las 12:10

Photo courtesy of CONCACAF Advanced Media
Article by Izi Chinchay, 
Host and Columnist
The World Soccer Report, Spanglish World Network, Spanglish Sports World, H.E.R. Network & La Portada Canada
Nashville. - Minutes before the first whistle, fans were excited to hear that Hany Mukhtar would be
extending his contract with Nashville SC through 2026, with the option to stay through 2027.
The momentum of the news had hardly fizzle when Shaq Moore assisted Jacob Shaffleburg for
a beautiful goal in the fourth minute, hitting a left-footed shot from right down the middle,
slipping through Drake Callender’s fingers. Shaffleburg wasn’t done, as he attacked five
minutes later and came close to scoring again. Despite Miami having over 60% possession in
the first half, Nashville secured a shut-out thanks to Joe Willis’ hands.
The second half could not have started better for The Boys In Gold, as Shaffleburg scored
another goal in the first minute, thanks to a perfect assist from Sean Davis. Fans were jumping
out of their seats! Hopes were high, until Miami responded in the 51st minute with an incredible
left-footed shot by none other than Lionel Messi, securing his first-ever CONCACAF goal.
Miami hit the back of the net in the 57th minute to secure a tie, however, the shot was called
offsides. The 73rd minute brought subs, Yearwood and Washington, replacing Lovitz and
Godoy. NSC was still holding off Miami’s hard press. Zimmerman and Muktar were subbed in
the 80th minute, which turned out to benefit Nashville, when, shortly after, Shaq Moore scored
the third goal. To the fans’ displeasure, the goal was recalled and declared offsides. It seemed
Nashville would have a chance to walk away with a win, until Miami’s number #9 Suarez
smashed the ball into the back of the net, to secure Inter’s tie. The crowd was in an uproar,
Miami’s fans elated, while Nashville’s fans, with hands on their heads, spectated in complete
Nashville had an impressive performance overall, keeping Inter Miami at bay, despite them
having 70% possession, along with an incredible performance from Jacob Shaffelburg.
Unfortunately, it was not enough to secure the victory. NSC loyal fans remain hopeful The Boys
in Gold will bring home a win at their next game, when they face Miami, on March 13.
Vamos, vamos Nashville
Tenemos que ganar!
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