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Nashville opens the 2024 campaign with 3-0 victory in Concacaf play

23 de Febrero de 2024 a las 16:32

Photo courtesy of Nelson Pulido, Mexsports, CONCACAF Advanced Media
Article by Izi Chinchay, The World Soccer Report, Spanglish World Network, Spanglish Sports World, H.E.R. Network & La Portada Canada
NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nashville SC kicked-off its 2024 season, and entered the Concacaf Champions Cup with a 3-0 victory over Moca FC, at Estadio Cibao in the Dominican Republic.
NSC’s attack-mode was evident as soon as the whistle blew. Not 15 minutes into the first half, Sam Surridge assisted Hany Muktah with a beautiful outside-the-foot pass into the eighteen-yard box. The ball found the back of the net! It was a beautiful goal and an early goal, which is what NSC fans have been yearning for.
Momentum took over, and the boys in gold attacked creatively, leading them to another finish just 13 minutes later. This time it was Sam Surridge with a right-foot strike. Despite the keeper managing to get his hands on the ball, it wasn't enough to deny NSC their second goal. The assist was credited to Mukatarh who was subbed at the 34th minute, with what appeared to be a minor injury.
In the second half, the defense was challenged with a few attacks, however, the back line managed the pressure well and goalkeeper Joe Willis gifted the fans a perfect shutout. And to cap an already-exciting game, in the 75 minute, the fans enjoyed a fantastic goal by forward Tyler Boyd, with ability, speed and skill worthy of the best, took on three defenders on top of the box and smashed the ball into the net.
This compelling victory against Moca FC has left NSC fans overjoyed and hopeful about the 2024 season. Nashville SC has proven, with it’s early attack, speed and
creativity, that it is more than ready for the 2024 home opener on February 25th.
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