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The Wolfpack take a step closer to Super League promotion

22 de Septiembre de 2019 a las 20:39

Photo and Article by Heather Toole
TORONTO. - Toronto Wolfpack approached their first playoff game, after a first week bi, with a clear message posted across social media – our job’s not done. Their hunger and dedication saw them take another win against France’s Toulouse Olympique, this time to the tune of 40-24, putting them one step closer to a championship and promotion to the Super League.
Both teams took to the pitch in a high energy, physical game that was sure to leave many players in need of ice baths and muscle relaxers. At the 10’ mark Ricky Luetele broke through the defensive line and dished the ball to Mellor who easily ran it over the line giving the pack the first points of the game. With a good conversion by O’Brien the game sat at 6-0. Toulouse replied with some heavy hits and Johnathon Ford visibly trying to raise the intensity of the match. However, they could not get any points before the fast footwork of Luetele took the ball for a try in the corner raising Toronto’s score to 10-0, as Gareth O’Brien missed the conversion.
The Olympique regrouped and attacked Toronto making several attempts at crossing into the zone, being stopped inches shy on multiple attempts, however determination worked in their favor with Mark Kheirallah punching through and getting their first try, along with a good conversion moving the score board to 10-6. In the 27’ the crowd seemingly unsure to cheer awaited the word from game officials that Toronto indeed did score again, as Ricky Leutele went across for a try, however, the ball appeared to come out loose through a pile of players. Officials gave the word the try was good, and fans erupted into celebration. O’Brien again missed the conversion putting Toronto at 14-6. The next six minutes belonged to Toronto as Josh Mccrone successfully added another try to his season and three deeks by JP Mellor around two defenders worked for a fan approved try both with successful conversions making the game 26-6 going into halftime.
As action resumed Liam Kay started the scoring for Toronto in the 46’, with O’Brien missing his third conversion of the game, score 30-6. Toulouse player Ben Evans took a hard hit removing him from the game; however, the Olympique used this as motivation to get back in the game. William Barthau went between the sticks in the 53’ with a good conversion, 30-12. Toronto’s Chase Stanley got a try as a result of the teamwork and great passing of his fellow mates O’Brien landing the conversion 36-12. Ricky Leutele, who was having what Coach Brian McDermot stated was “probably his best game for the team so far”, scored again in the 66’ of the game. After dashing through and breaking free of a tackle attempt making is 40-12. Toulouse didn’t give up with #1 getting not one, but two trys within four minutes closing the gap 40-24, however time wasn’t in their favor and Toronto won the game.