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T-Minus 1 Day

27 de Octubre de 2019 a las 10:14

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By Veronica Harris -
TORONTO. - The NBA regular season kicks off tomorrow with, what I think two of the most fun match ups of the season. Starting off the night at 8:00pm are the reigning champions, the Toronto Raptors hosting the "Zion-less" New Orleans Pelicans. A little birdie told me that tickets to the season opener, have actually gone down in price because Zion won't be playing. I mean, I get not being as excited but c'mon people! Not to worry though, if you still cannot afford to get in the arena, because they are still expensive, you can stand in Jurassic Park and cheer on the hone team, all while watching on their brand new outdoor screen. The Raptors will be raising that lovely banner that reads "2019 NBA Champions" as well as be gifted with some ice! 
Truthfully, it does suck Zion Williamson won't be playing but it's a shame, Toronto fans have let his absence take away from what this organization just overcame. Kyle Lowry said "We still don't get the respect we deserve. Do I care? NO". I think that is a great mentality because it's hard for Toronto to make it in the league. You still hear analysts say " it was a fluke", "it was all Kawhi who did this". I agree to some extent, Kawhi did help the Dino's soar but he was not the ONLY season they are Champions. I mean, you have Pascal Siakam who just signed a 4-year extension and that was 100% because of his efforts in the post season. Along with many other players on the roster.
I am excited to see OG Anunoby come back and play. I think he is an amazing two-way player and is going to shock a lot of people this season.
Next up is the battle of Los Angeles...I mean, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas v the cast of Wildn' Out. The game gets started underway at 10:30 pm. That's plenty time to go to the bathroom,grab some snacks and get back on the couch.
 We saw in the preseason what Lebron and his "kids" can do and they can do it well! I'm sure you saw that nifty pass Lebron dished to (former Raptor) Danny Green and I think that were only a taste if what is to come this season.
If we rewind back to when the Lakers played their preseason game in China against the Brooklyn Nets, Anthony Davis sprained his right thumb while trying to block a shot in the first half. Talk about bad luck! Folks around the league are calling Davis "injury prone" and I have to agree. What good is a player on your team if he barely plays due to so many injuries? Davis has suffered more than 25 injuries and that was a poll taken in 2017! He has only been in the league for 7 years. Davis was the 1st overall draft pick in 2012, beating out Bradley Beal, Damian Lillard and Draymond Green. Let's hope this is his last injury and he can help these Lakers make it to the post season.
As for the Clippers. I think they have a fantastic chance of making the playoffs and this game. Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers went to play a game in Vancouver last week as a part of the NBA Canada Series and matched up against the Mavericks. While in Canada, Kawhi said "just going around in the summer time, even after me signing with the Clippers, Canadians came up to me and they said thank you for everything I’ve done. They are very nice people". I think he has a very strong presence on and off the court, even if he is quiet. He is a great leader! Not to mention his supporting cast of Patrick Beverly, Paul George, Montrezz Harrel and many more! But, there is only one way to find out and that is to watch the game tomorrow.
My predictions are Toronto 112-89 and the Clippers 101-92.