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Are legislators finally going to learn why firearms should be regulated?

25 de Marzo de 2021 a las 15:43

Are legislators finally going to learn why firearms should be regulated?By Candid Frank Stanisci

@candidfranklive, Senior Writer and Host of Spanglish World

TORONTO. -  Another mass shooting incident took place in the quiet community of Boulder Colorado. shocked witnesses described the experience. The pain trauma clear in their eyes stammering voices, trembling bodies, and the other usual affects. The victims are our, family, friends, coworkers, acquaintances, and brave Police Officers. All living with us then suddenly taken away. Every day our protectors and their loved ones look at each other as the shift begins, wondering if this is the day, everything will change?

What can we learn from the American experience? Canada’s gun ownership and the demand to keep them is growing more intense? 

How do we predict such heinous acts? What patterns have developed over time? Can we set aside blame and concentrate on the data? Who can help? Is there a strategy or plan to understand the underlying issues at play? Should manufactures be held accountable for the abuse of their stock? Do gun manufacturers or sellers provide accessories that make it easier to kill, not defend? Do Politicians have the power to make a difference? Are there laws that can and should be found fair, suitable, proposed and passed? Can weapons be kept from those that may perform these horrible acts? Is mental illness the problem and is our awareness as and in the community used to ensure the mentally ill do not have these weapons in their possession?

Do the police have the tools and the ability to successfully remove guns from our communities? Are the local Police the right organization to deal with the prevention of these acts? Is it time to create an organization to deal with mass shootings? Has it become obvious enough that these killers are not the usual suspects local Police deal with?

Is it time for a new or existing organization that carries, knowledge data on the type of people and under what circumstance kill so many in an instant? Can families, friends and acquaintances witnessing “red flag” behaviour of gun owners that are concerning share their concern to a group that will show up not looking ready for battle? Can it be an opportunity to assess issues without the stigma of turning it into a possible arrest?           

Have the police in some cases seen to be a hammer looking for a nail brought on by the few at the expense of the many good Police Officers? Is the fear of immediate condemnation, rather than de-escalation of emotion cancel the desire to inform? If this new or recalibrated group carried compassion, understanding and the knowledge about mental illness and the radicalized would it lead to a better outcome? Would being heard, understood help in the de-escalation of these future life changing events? Can one incident be avoided and if so, would it be worth it? The one answer shared here is yes, absolutely!

Photo courtesy of David Zalubowski, The Associated Press