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Andrew Luck shocks the NFL World

27 de Agosto de 2019 a las 23:13

Photo courtesy of Michael Conroy, AP


By Victoria Fenn Alvarado



“I’m doing it for myself”

Toronto. - Andrew Luck confirmed his retirement in an emotional press conference just hours after rumors sparked. The No.1 overall pick in the 2012 draft has been a 7-year veteran for the Indianapolis Colts. Luck was the winner of the Come back player of the year award in 2018, giving Colts fans undying confidence moving towards the upcoming season. This was a quarterback who threw for 4,593 yards and 39 touchdowns last season; a quarterback whose team was deemed a legitimate contender. With just about two-weeks left until regular season, the news was earth shaking for football fans.


Luck stood on the sideline, backing up his team Saturday night during the pre-season game against the Bears. The fans did not react well to the abrupt news as they boo’d him off the field.  “It hurt; I’ll be honest.” Luck said standing at the podium. The news broke earlier than expected, but fans needed answers fast. Luck spilt his heart out, holding back tears in a room filled with silence and disbelieve a few hours later.


Most people call in sick when they have the common cold. Luck has continuously played through concussions, shoulder, ankles and rib injuries, not to mention a lacerated kidney. "I felt stuck and the only way out of it is to no longer play football," Luck said. "It's taken my joy away from the game." Breaking the cycle halts bad habits. In Luck’s case, it is his tenacity. His love for the game built a talented player, bringing the Colts to the playoffs three seasons in a row before sitting out due to constant injury. For the 29-year old, physical issues are painful, but when mental health is at stake, is over $50M dollars’ worth it? He is hanging up his cleats after a dedicated fight for his fans, but now, it is time for him to make a drastic life change for himself. Luck sparked buzz around social media, receiving an overwhelming amount of support from around the organization. The four-time pro-bowler is a young man, with a family, a Stanford architecture degree, and a seemingly bright future.


But, is the future as bright for the Indianapolis Colts? Jacoby Brisette will be thrown into the fire as the Colts new starting QB. When traded from the New England patriots in 2017, he was in a similar situation, with just two-weeks to learn the playbook. Previously, while covering during Luck’s shoulder rehabilitation, Brisette was a mediocre 59-percent passer in their losing season. This year however, the team has an upgraded offensive. Despite having just three years of NFL experience under his belt, the 26-year old is surrounded by support from the Colt’s organization. No one is expecting him to be Luck, as Colt’s GM Chris Ballard has said. The Vegas odds aren’t thinking so either, as the Colts projected win total fell from 9.5 to 6.5.


Is it time to call up someone with a few more years under their belt? Colin Kaepernick. Perhaps the Colts need a more experienced version of Brisette to truly take them all the way. Don’t forget he’s previously led a team to the Super Bowl, and yes, he is still a free agent. Should the Colts take interest in him? The Colts future is unpredictable at this point. The only way to truly find out the success of the team is to watch as they begin their regular season against the L.A chargers, September 8th.