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The New York Giants: The Best Division 3 Team in the NFL

19 de Octubre de 2021 a las 12:36

Article by Scott Churchson IG: @schurchson
New York. - I've been a New York Giants fan since the 1980s. As a kid one of the coolest treats I ever got was being a 10 year old and meeting a ton of that eras players after Giant lineman Jim Burt (who lived in my town) coordinated an event where a select few of us got to meet L.T., Phil Simms, Phil McConkey and others. A year later, they won the first Super Bowl of my lifetime, going 14-2 that season and outscoring their opponents 105-23 during their run to the Lombardi Trophy. During my years of loyalty to Big Blue, there's been another 3 Super Bowls; including two in my 30s that were tried and true David vs Goliath wins lead by Eli Manning over Tom Brady and the Patriots . Good times, and oh how do I miss them.

Here's a few water cooler facts over the last few years of my favorite football team:

1) In the past 10 years, the Giants have lost their first two games of the season 8 times (including last night's rage loss against Washington).

2) Since the Giants second upset Superbowl win over New England in the 2011-2012 season only 2 winning seasons out of the past 9.

3) Since 2019 new Giants QB Daniel Jones leads the league in fumbles lost with 18. Carson Wentz is second worst with only12.

4) Perhaps worst of all: Since the start of the 2017 season my beloved team has a 18-48 record; a .273 win percentage which is worst in the NFL; with 6 of those wins against Washington. Additionally the Giants rank 4th worst in points scored, 8th worst in points given up and 4th worst in first downs during that time.

I could go on, but you get the point. This once vaunted franchise, once known as the Big Blue Wrecking Crew has become the joke of the NFL. So who gets the blame? Much of it will and likely deservedly be fixated on GM Dave Gettleman. When Gettleman took over in 2017 he stated that fixing the offensive line would be a top priority. Since then the O-Line has ranked at or near dead last during that run. He was crushed in the media for drafting Daniel Jones at 6th when most expected Jones to go in round two. By all accounts Dave Gettleman is a good guy. Family man, beat cancer in 2018; if this team did well it would be an absolute feel good story. But they aren't; and many of his choices need to be addressed. This is the GM that signed Odell to a 5 year deal, then traded him a year into that deal to the Browns; but not before paying him $41 million first for that single year (after being quoted that they DIDN'T sign him to trade him) as well as bring back Eli for $23 million to play 4 games in 2019 and benching him the remaining 12 in favor of Daniel Jones.

Now I do feel that Daniel Jones has potential. He has speed and has shown signs of talent; however patience in Giant nation is running thin with the both of them. There's already a rift between Jones and prize free agent WR Kenny Golladay which must be resolved. His ball handling and decision making have serious questions. This week upcoming they have a chance at that first win of the season at home against Atlanta. And boy do they need it. But again, this is the present day Giants, and I'll believe a win when I see it.